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Thursday, May 24, 2018


Del and Stacie Albright with their well-traveled red jeep.


Outdoor activists find Modoc a real treasure (Special to the Record)

by Jean Bilodeaux

Consummate outdoor recreationists and internationally known photojournalists, Del and Stacie Albright visited Modoc County this last week.  The couple specializes in land use, access and getting involved in teaching responsible off-pavement motorized recreation and trail ethics.
        “We want to help people enjoy the back country responsibly, thereby insuring that public lands stay open for all,” explains Del Albright.
        First meeting on the Rubicon Trail the couple have much in common, including a love of the outdoors that extends to guiding convoys, photojournalism, vehicle modification, hunting, fly fishing, four-wheeling, camping, RVing, restoring vintage trailers and vehicles. They teach leadership, public speaking, letter writing, and moderating classes and activities that support responsible outdoor recreation, such as “leave no trace.”
        The Rubicon Trail is a 22-mile long road and jeep trail (18 miles).  It is considered America’s most famous and challenging 4x4 trail, usually taking two days to complete.  It stretches from the gold country to the west shore of Lake Tahoe.  The Rubicon Jeep model is named after the Rubicon Trail, which serves as a testing ground for the Jeep company.
        Del started the Friends of the Rubicon group that helps keep the trails open.
        He has 50 years of off roading and 35 years of land use experience.  They drive a bright red jeep covered in hundreds of stickers.
        “Each sticker represents our sponsors or groups we are affiliated with or help.  And each sticker is hiding a scratch or small dent,” laughs Del.
        They appear on more than 600 websites and in 21 magazines.  With millions of fans in outdoor recreation, their promotion of an area can help the local economy.
        “We teach and are advocates of economical, sustainable, manageable recreational use of public lands.  Likely, Surprise Valley and Alturas have so much to offer and responsible stewardship and use of these resources can keep them as the treasures they are,” adds Albright.
        The couple stayed at the Likely Place RV and Park and Golf Resort and had so much fun they are planning to return in May and possibly bring some members of the outdoor groups they belong to.
        Lorissa Soriano of MORT – Modoc Outdoor Recreation and Tourism guided the couple in their exploration and enjoyment of Modoc County.


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