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Thursday, April 15, 2021



                              Any Day Spent Cleaning Up a Trail or Riding Area is a Good Day!

                                                                       By Del Albright

 One of the easiest activities for a club or group of off-roaders is to simply pick a trail or riding area and conduct a cleanup.  Round up some trash bags, pick-up tools/tongs, gloves and some hand sanitizer/cleaner and go for it.

Organize into small teams if necessary with 2 to 3 rigs in a team.  Assign areas to each team.  Make sure you have receptacles or trash bins at the rendezvous location. If you can, find a few "rewards" to give the teams with the most trash collected.  Make it fun.

Keeping our trails open starts with keeping them clean -- even if it's not our trash!


More land use help here:

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