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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Gift Card with BlueRibbon Membership Drive

Wow, join, renew or extend your membership for a year in BlueRibbon Coalition for the price of a couple energy drinks! $4.00 is your final cost for this awesome promotional membership drive. Plus you get to spend a $25 Gift Card at Rocky Mountain ATV -- one heck of an online store with tons of goodies. My hat is off to Rocky Mountai ATV (and motorcycles) store. These folks are helping us build an incredible off-road Army.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stacie Albright Wins W.E. ROCK Photo Contest

Stacie won a rock crawling photo contest (with me as Runner Up winner). She was on the course with the drivers and all the action of this very hard core rock buggy event. Very cool. No, she didn’t win any money, but she can claim some (more) fame now. Cute.

Check out the pics and see Stacie’s WAY COOL shot of a buggy doing a nose dive.
Visit her blog and website for more photos and stories.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tahoe 4x4 Shop Saves the Day for Del (Blazen Off Road)

Coming out of the Rubicon Trail this past weekend, right after a great time with Jeepers Jamboree, we broke. Yup. Broke, AND had a flat tire to change on Cadillac Hill (in the lineup to get home). ouch.

We tore some suspension components loose which allowed the axle to shift and my rear tire to get eaten alive by rubbing on the frame and coil spring basket. Yikes -- burning rubber.

But, alas, here they come to save the day, that means that Blazen is on the way. Yea, baby, for sure, Blazen Off Road has our jeep and are kicking in labor and some fabricating to help us get back on the trail. BFGoodrich Tires, one of our long standing sponsors, is coming up with two more KM2's to help us out and keep the Jeep safe. Awesome.

We also would like to publicly thank Gary Lefler, Tahoe Hi Lo's, and hard-working member of Friends of the Rubicon, who picked us up, got us to a motel, got our Jeep safely delivered to South Lake Tahoe, and hooked us up with connections in town. Thank you, Gary, you ROCK.

And I might add, if you're looking for a clean, fairly priced, beautiful motel away from the casino crowd, yet still close to town, try the Tahoe Valley Lodge right on Hwy. 50 just past the "Y" (

We left the Jeep with Blazen Off Road and they will do all the repairs and upgrades over the next couple weeks.
Visit Blazen Off Road here:
More to come. Del

Friday, July 17, 2009

J&W Wreckers Sponsor Land Use Work

Thank goodness there are businesses around like J&W Wreckers ( who do not only a massive auto dismantling business, but also have an extensive repair facility, AND are supporters of land use and access! The great folks at J&W are active in many off-road associations and efforts, and have become Premier Sponsors of Del & Stacie Albright's Jeep -- keeping it repaired so it can stay on the trail, saving trails. THANK YOU, J&W.
With 10 acres of Jeep parts and jeeps ranging from 1941 to current, you can find about anything there, and these guys are pro's. They can help you on the phone, save time and save money. I've found things there that my local dealer could not produce -- still in new condition!
See my write up here and some cool pics:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is There a Universal Symbol for Motorized Recreation?

A Symbol for Responsible Motorized Recreationists

By Del & Stacie Albright

Stacie and I are tired of seeing turtles on the back windows of cars and trucks. The turtle represents (in many cases) the anti‐access attitude and philosophy. We’re sure you’ve seen them (they’re everywhere). We feel it’s time for us, motorheads, to have a symbol – a symbol for access for all, for motors in the backcountry, for responsible access. We’re starting an initiative to find that symbol. We want your help.

The turtle's shell resembled a dome and was seen as a symbol of the dome of heaven ‐hence heavenly virtue. Generally the turtle is seen to represent: self‐containment, creative source, earthiness, being grounded, longevity, protection, shelter, and a steady approach to life. For us, it means closures and restrictions from what we've seen.

So we feel we need a symbol (that can live right along your favorite organization stickers) that the world will begin to recognize as responsible recreation – access for all. We may not agree on what organizations to belong to. We may not agree on what lawsuits to file or not file. We may not agree on who’s on first or who’s in charge. But can’t we agree on one symbol that says: Responsible Access; Access for All; Motors in the Backcountry; Freedom to travel and recreate; No More Gates; etc.

This will be organization indifferent and all encompassing. This will not be a particular rig or type of vehicle. This could be an animal that we PROMOTE as representing us. This could be about anything that we can all stand behind as OUR symbol of OUR access and freedom.

So in order to develop this idea, we want your help.We hope you will jump in with your best thoughts, even those of you with Mohawks, cold ones in hand, pool parties, and other priorities.

Read the whole concept and suggested steps here:
Thanks, Del & Stacie, Kickin' Access Team

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NRA, BlueRibbon Coalition, and Access to Lands

National Rifle Association Fully Involved in Public Land Access Issues

The NRA has gotten heavily involved in helping to keep lands open to motorized and non-motorized access for hunters, very much like the BlueRibbon Coalition and other motorized recreation groups.

While this is certainly helpful, in my estimation, more NRA members need to join up with BlueRibbon Coalition because the myth that hunters are not OHVers has come to an end. If you use a quad, dirt bike, tote goat, jeep or 4x4 to get around in the back country, retrieve game and get to your favorite hunting spot, you ARE in fact an OHVer in the eyes of many.

We need to combine forces and build a bigger Army. See my write up here:

(hunting photo by Stacie Albright,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Parade in Rural Town America

It was a great day and awesome parade (for Mokelumne Hill, CA). We're a small, rural, northern CA town with a lot of spirit. My four-wheel drive club has the spirit and patriotism as well.

Never forget and never let freedom walk away...

Fun times were had by all (with some great 4x4 rigs with flags).

See pics here:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day, an American Celebration

Happy Independence Day, July 4th, to you and yours. I hope you will take a moment, like we will, and thank those who gave us (and continue to give us) our freedoms. Our great country was founded on freeing ourselves from socialistic tyranny and religious persecution. I for one, enjoy those freedoms, have fought for them, and still believe in the strength that makes America strong.
Enjoy a parade, wave an American flag, take a kid to see fireworks -- any and all those things we have the freedom to do in the good ole USA. Bless us and our great country.
Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poly Performance Tour -- Suspension Parts and More

Stac and I had a chance to tour the operation of Poly Performance in San Luis Obispo and wow, what a deal. Great stuff -- trail tuff and rugged. Nice folks too.

Check out my write up and product pics here: