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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hump 'N Bump, Vegas Style, Logandale, NV

We are planning to be at this awesome four-wheeling event in November near Las Vegas, NV, and encourage folks to sign up and attend this one.  It's a blast, not to mention some beautiful scenery.  We're talking red rocks, sand dunes, and wild big horn sheep to boot.   It's called the Hump 'N Bump.

What is Hump N Bump?

Hump N Bump is the largest event of the year where you will get to experience terrain like no other. The Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers has been putting on this run for 29 years now and it keeps getting larger and larger with participants from all over the country.

Starting back in 2007, proceeds from the event go to the Southern Nevada Trail Fund who's purpose is to educate and maintain legal motorized access to all points of interest in public lands throughout Southern Nevada. The SNTF is a 100% volunteer organization. So come out and have a great time while helping keep our trails open!

When is Hump N Bump?
The 29th Annual Hump N Bump will take place November 6th and 7th 2009.

Read more and sign up here:
See ya there.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friends Groups -- saving trails together -- How to.

I get asked often about saving trails with a "friends" type group (or coalition).  It's easy to do and very powerful.  Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) is the most famous friends group in the country and the largest coalition ever formed to save just one trail -- the Rubicon Trail.  Here's why friends groups work so well.

Friends groups set aside club issues and bring everyone together under one banner.

Friends groups are usually multiple use (wheeling, dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, atv's, etc. and access in general).

Friends groups become the central point of contact for agency folks (USFS; BLM). It makes it easier for all of us to work together.

Friends groups become powerful proponents of public lands (quickly), recognized by the agencies as the folks to deal with!  Let alone that friends groups are the ones that get the work done.

Go here to learn more and see how (step by step) to start a friends group (or coalition) for your trail or riding area:


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Volunteer of the Year -- Friends of High Lakes

Friends of The High lakes received the Volunteer of the Year award for work in The High Lakes OHV area, for Region 5, California.

Friends of The High Lakes ( FOTHL ) has been organized since July 2007 as a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation, to assist Lassen National Forest, Almanor Ranger District with the OHV area known as The High Lakes. The area holds 16 lakes, and more than 50 miles of trails, including over 40 camp sites. The web site is:

In that effort, an Adopt-a-Trail Program, A Trail Patrol, and various Educational materials, including a map of the area were created and put into effect under written agreement for a 5 year period with USFS.

The main efforts have been in mitigation and repair of many areas that were in need of a lot of rock ( over 100 tons ) to prevent tire to mud contact, better signage, elimination of instances of leaving the trail, installing fire rings, with major help from and work being done by members of 9 local clubs.

The focus of FOTHL is to ensure the area remains a viable OHV area for use by all genre of motorized and non-motorized users, and offers terrain suitable for most vehicle types, with mild to very minor wild challenges. In doing so, the emphasis has been on Management, Maintenance, and Education.

The Ranger District saw fit to nominate FOTHL for the National Volunteer of the Year award.

While the national award went to another group in the US, FOTHL was honored to receive the Volunteer of the Year award for Region 5, which includes all of California, and the off-shore islands.

This award will be presented to the crew that is instrumental in ensuring the success of FOTHL at the semi-annual work party / clean up, on Saturday, September 26, at 9:00 AM at Spring Valley Lake, in conjunction with the third participation in National Public Lands Day.

The award will be presented by District Ranger, Al Vazquez; Resources Officer, Jane Goodwin; Recreation Officer, Michelle Ahern, and several other staff from the District.

FOTHL is extremely proud to have been selected for this honor, and 100% of the credit goes to each individual, and each club that has done an awesome job in making it happen.

After a briefing, and awards ceremony the entire crews will head out to take care of each of their individual pieces of the area. They will return to Spring Valley Lake at 4:30 for a raffle, and dinner provided by two more clubs and yet more outstanding volunteers.

All are very welcome to join us for the all-day event.
For further information contact Chairman, Ken Knull at (530) 873-2430 or

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rubicon Trail Little Sluice (meeting)

I really enjoyed the public meeting tonight and I’m sure there will be a lot of posts about it. We filled up the room pretty much with about 25 folks speaking up. Tom Celio from Eldo County DOT said he had about 70 emails also (submitted testimony). I was very proud of everyone who was there.

Our passion and dedication to the trail shown through like a bright light, even if we all didn't agree on exactly what to with Little Sluice -- to blow or not to blow it.

However, the comment was made that it is turning out to be about 7 to 1 or so (unofficial) for leaving the box alone. Further, it was pretty unanimous that we need a plan before we do anything serious – a plan we are all part of. Co-Trail Boss Bebe did an awesome job presenting good stuff about what FOTR can do and has done.  She made it clear that FOTR fixes anything that is in need of attention on the Rubicon Trail, and has proven this for 9 years.
There was a lot of support for fixing the real problems at Little Sluice – and those are mostly people problems and bad behaviors. Things that need to be managed (fixed) still include petroleum issues and spills, erosion/sedimentation, and sanitation. FOTR can fix all these with a little help from our partners in the feds, the Rubicon Trail Foundation, and the County.  This is not rocket science -- this is commitment, persistence and common sense.

Several businesses (like ) and the "Save the Sluice" group made it clear that they are going to be on the trail, at Little Sluice, doing on-the-ground management of behaivour  and providing education on issues at the "box" to include cleaning up messes and spills.  Now THAT is dedication.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supported having a solid, integrated plan in place to deal with the concentrated use at Little Sluice, and of course reaffirmed their commitment to support Friends of the Rubicon.

Tom Celio was impressed with our dedication, consideration and respect for each other, as well as our commitment to the trail.  He said the next step was for this info (and the email testimony) to be packaged up and given to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors who will make important decisions like this one about the Rubicon Trail.  I trust Tom to give a good view of our side/testimony to the Board.
You can still email in your comments if you want.

Wow, thanks to all who could be there and all who sent support (or email testimony) in their own way.

FOTR Rocks.
Just one man’s opinion and notes,


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surplus City, Oroville, CA

If you've never been here, this is QUITE the place to see and shop.  Not only that, this place is where the next W.E. ROCK comp is going be held in October, and where other rock crawl and mud bog events are held.  Urban Assualt is the name of the rock courses, with names like Terminator, Mine Field, Wall of Shame, and more.  And it's all part of this intoxicating military and jeep surplus store.  Whew....Stac and I thought we were going to have to camp out there just to see it all.
Bob Frank runs the show as General Manager and Cal4wheel has held events here as well.  Great people; awesome surplus stuff to see; and wow, what a fantastic OHV park.
You can get more info on their website here:

Win the Cal4 Raffle Jeep for $2.00

PRESS RELEASE: September 15, 2009

Contact: Chris Collard
CA4WDC Publicity Chairman
Phone: 916-952-3630
Fax: 916-960-4929

Jeep Rubicon Stimulus Package

Win a Rubicon… for $2
Just when you thought the economic sky was falling, the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC) steps up to the plate with the $2 Jeep Rubicon Stimulus Package. Each year, CA4WDC tricks out a brand new Jeep with everything a you could dream of, then raffles it off at their February convention … for two bucks!!

This year’s rig, a 2009 Jeep Rubicon, is kitted out with a Teraflex Suspension, 35-inch BFGoodrich KM tires and a Warn 9.5ti winch on a Smittybilt bumper. The 2-buck Rubicon also sports Poison Spyder body armor, Finish Line West rear bumper, Tuffy Security consol and ProComp Lights. And because off roaders get stuck in the mud, the $2 Jeep Rubicon comes with a Hi-Lift Jack and recovery gear.

Runner up prizes aren't bad either: 2nd is an Atlas II transfer case, 3rd is a Premier Power Welder, and 4th is a Pull Pal. The winning ticket will be drawn February 20th, 2010 at the CA4WDC convention in Sacramento, CA and you need not be present to win. 1-800-4x4-FUNN or Surf the web to Happy Jeeping!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 911 and Our Lost Friends

We are taking a moment today to remember our lost friends and the abominable terrorist attack on our country -- our very home ground. 911 should never be forgotten; nor should our country ever let scumbag terrorists get away with such acts.

We hope you will remember as well, and teach the young people around you how important patriotism is; how precious our freedoms are; and how bullies and terrorists should NEVER be allowed to rule our actions. And let us not forgot the loss of so many innocent people and what that did to their families and loved ones.
Like many of you who have served or have had family members serve our country, I will never forget.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rubicon Trail Little Sluice (meeting)

Discussion: Little Sluice - to crack or not to crack

Rubicon Trail users are meeting with the El Dorado Board of Supervisors to discuss rumors and possibilities of cracking/resizing the big rocks in the Sluice Box (Little Sluice).  This contentious issue is up for debate with the Board (and other trail users).  Users are divided on the issue -- whether to "blow the box" or leave it alone.  Be there or send someone to represent you.  You can also send in comments (see below).

County Meeting - Board of Supervisors Chambers

Where: 330 Fair Lane. Placerville, California 95667
When: 6:30 PM - Wednesday Sep. 16th

The decision has NOT BEEN is up to us to form the decision to do anything if anything... Be HEARD!!!

If you can't make the meeting, e-mail Tom at

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vendor Showcase: Rubicon Express

Rubicon Express produces trail-tuff gear and equipment to make your rig do what you want it to do, on the trail and off.  We have had Rubicon Express kits, suspension gear, and long-arm components for many years on Red ('97 TJ) and we can't say enough good about them.  The folks at RE are very helpful when you call and need advice and which parts would best help you to get the most from your rig. 
Check out this JK adjustable track bar from Rubicon Express.
RE specializes in Jeep lift kits and suspension parts that are made to handle the toughest of trails -- like the Rubicon Trail which we do several times every summer.  This stuff holds up to abuse.  It's well made and strong as heck. 
Rubicon Express is one of our Premier Sponsors and we're proud to have this awesome product family on our Jeep.  Check them out at