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Thursday, June 15, 2017



Minus Tide Along the Oregon Coast with Incredible Tide Pools

By Del Albright, June 2017

Exploring the ocean beach during a minus (very low) tide is an amazing outdoor experience for all ages, from young to old.  The Oregon coast has a number of great places where this adventure can be had for a short walk.

It is important to remember that certain times of years there are nesting birds on the rocks offshore and they should not be disturbed by getting too close or causing them to fly off their nests.  Look for congregations and just stay back a respectable distance.

The kelp and grass growing attached to the rocks can be very slippery and hazardous to walking, but just take care and perhaps carry along a walking stick.

Barnacles and sea anemones are abundant in low tide areas, along with muscles. 

Sea stars, or star fish are one of my favorite finds on the coast if any ocean.  These guys living in a shallow tide pool with sea anemones make for a great photo.

And no matter how fancy ocean-side luxury resorts build their swimming pools along the coast, nothing can match what Mamma Nature has to offer.  Remember to be respectful, stay back from nesting birds, walk carefully, and pick up after your pets.  The ocean is to be explored and enjoyed by all.  Tide pools are a special treat.